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Good evening,

Well, this week was a busy one! Certainly lots of things happening, including my first experience as an MC at the ground breaking event for Northbank ( Although there is lots happening in the Real estate market, I would like to share something non-real estate related.. I know, you are all saying "REALLY?!". Last week I attended a city council meeting with a group athletes/professionals from Surrey who are doing what they can to put forward a plan for the new pool coming to the Grandview Heights area of Surrey.

I feel after so many years as a National Team athlete in Surrey, the least I can do is give back to the community and the local swimming programs by stepping up in support of their fight for a larger pool in South Surrey! There are several sporting clubs that would use this new facility and it is very important we build it for the future of Surrey.

I will have more on this in the next coming weeks, but if anyone wants to support this, please contact me!! :)

See below Peace Arch News article:

Thank you and chat soon!

Brittany Reimer 
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