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City features at-grade rail at Canada Day

At-grade light rail is coming to Surrey – at least for Canada Day.



The City of Surrey will have a 60-foot scale model of Bombarier's Flexity Freedom, an at-grade rail car described as transit built in North America, for North America.



It boasts zero emissions and reduced noise.



Mayor Dianne Watts says it's time at-grade rail was brought here.



“Surrey’s population is expected to increase by 50 per cent over the next 30 years, so we need efficient transit service now in order to help shape and connect our growing communities,” Watts said in a release.  “Light rail is cost-effective and will allow us to create billions of dollars in new economic activity.”



Watts said cities such as Portland, Oregon experienced an $8-billion boost in new development after implementing the system there.



The City’s vision includes three light rail lines:



· City Centre to Guildford, along 104 Avenue, with a connection to Highway 1



· City Centre to Newton, along King George Boulevard, with the opportunity for extensions further south in the future



· City Centre to Langley, passing through Fleetwood along Fraser Highway



For more information on Surrey’s light rail plans, visit:



The rail car will be on display Sunday, July 1 at the Cloverdale Millennium Amphitheatre, 176 Street and 64 Avenue.