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My dog Elley at Furfection in Cloverdale

As many of you probably already know, I own a yorkie/chihuahua cross named "Elley" who is 7 years old. Her hair can get quite out of control after not visiting the groomer for a few weeks.. and this time we let it get WAY out of hand!! You have to check out the before and after pics below..


Since we are on the topic, I have to say "Furfection" in Cloverdale did an amazing job and has done an amazing job every time Elley has visited. They are located in the Clayton area off 188th and 68th. The owner Ashleigh goes above and beyond with Elley every time and for that, I thank her!


If you want to check it out or need a new groomer for your pooch:


Now for the good stuff.. The PICTURES!! 


BEFORE.... (ew)






THANK YOU "FURFECTION" for the puppy make over!!!