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Want to join my team?

HI clients & friends,


I am looking for friends, family & clients to join me on September 30th, 2012 to  run a 5k at the Surrey International World Music Marathon! Want to join? Register Here: AND Register Under TEAM NAME "Brittany Reimer Real Estate". Also, please let me know if you do register! 


Thanks everyone, looking forward to it. See below article of interest for the Mayor's 5K.



Brittany Reimer was one of Canada’s top swimmers, but she’s left the competitive swimming pool behind and is now enjoying new sports and finding ways to keep fit. As a long-time resident of Surrey, Brittany was enthusiastic to hear about the Surrey International World Music Marathon and decided to sign up because she loves being a part of community events and being active continues to be an essential part of her life.

After retiring from competitive swimming in 2008, Brittany has found new ways to keep active: biking, going to the gym and running.  She’s excited to take part in the Mayor’s 5K with the Surrey International World Music Marathon as fitness has always been an integral part of her life, and now she looks for new ways to keep active and have fun with sport.  Although she is not racing any more, Brittany volunteers with the local Cloverdale swim team and has recently started swimming with the local Masters team as well.  However, Brittany is also kept extremely busy as she is a business owner in her local Cloverdale community.

Brittany encourages everyone to take part in this exciting new event and looks forward to participating in this great fitness initiative with her community.